Benefits of Scour Prevention Mats

  • Effectively stabilises the seabed.
  • Cost-effective over the lifetime of the asset.
  • Maintenance-free, one-off solution for both cable and monopile scour.
  • No secondary scour at mat edges.
  • Lower risk to integrity of cables compared to high density rock and concrete alternatives.
  • Ease of installation.
  • No turbine downtime during installation – possible to install Scour Protection Mats using small vessels and cranes that do not obstruct the path of wind turbine blades.
  • Modular design, eliminating the need for large independent installation vessels, and allowing mats to be transported with foundation installation vessel for pre-installation.
  • Ease of removal if required for cable maintenance or wind farm decommissioning.
  • Environmentally beneficial as constructed from recycled materials.
  • Comparative carbon footprint indicates that the mats have only one eighth of the carbon impact of rock armour.
  • Can be manufactured worldwide without large manufacturing outlay costs.
  • It works!
Scour Prevention

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