Product Applications

The innovative SPSL tyre mattress technology has extensive applications across a range of offshore and marine sectors.

Initially conceived to prevent scour erosion around offshore wind turbines, SPSL have continued to innovate in response to market demands for effective solutions to scour erosion and damage caused by asset exposure in wider offshore energy, subsea and coastal markets.

Our product range now includes innovative variations to our core product, delivering effective solutions to prevent scour occurring in the following applications:

  • Offshore wind turbine foundations and offshore wind substations
  • Cables and pipelines
  • Cable and pipeline crossings
  • Offshore Platform Structures and Subsea Oil and Gas Installations
  • Oil and Gas Decommissioning
  • Meteorological Masts
  • Wave and Tidal Devices
  • Offshore and Coastal Telecoms Markets
  • Coastal Structures and Outfalls
  • Coastal Civil Engineering Projects
  • Inshore Bridge Abutments

The matts may be installed directly to the seabed, or in conjunction with infill materials to remediate existing scour and prevent its reoccurrence for the remainder of the assets lifetime.

Click the pictures below to read more about our technologies applications in the large subsea markets of offshore wind, subsea cable and pipelines and decommissioning.

For each application our design and project management team carefully assess the requirements and environmental conditions to tailor our standard mattress technology to the specific site requirements. We are able to undertake assessments to advise on the suitability of the SPSL Tyre Mattress solution in specific locations and for bespoke projects. Please contact us for more information.

SPSL’s scour prevention technology in the large offshore wind market

Offshore Wind Foundations

cable protection

Cables and Pipelines

Scour Prevention Mats


Scour Prevention

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