Offshore Wind Foundations

Scour holes develop around wind turbine foundations in areas with flowing water and mobile seabeds. Lowering of the bed level influences the stability and vibration frequency of the structure, which can accelerate fatigue damage. Cables can also become exposed as they exit foundations, allowing them to hang freely across the scour hole between the J-tube and the seabed to create a “washing line” effect.

Scour Prevention
Scour Prevention Mats are laid onto the seabed around the foundation of offshore wind turbines to provide a protective covering to the area. The mats prevent bed lowering and stop scour pit formation.

The mats are modular and can provide protection for a range of foundation types, including monopile, gravity, suction caissons, tripods and jackets.

Scour Remediation
To repair existing scour, Scour Prevention Mats are placed on top of an infill material such as aggregate, geotextile sandbags, gravel filter units, or bundles of tyres. The mats stabilise the infill material and prevent secondary scour, eliminating the need for costly maintenance.

Scour Prevention Mats have been demonstrated to successfully remediate scour around a monopile at E.On’s Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm.

Scour Prevention

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